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There is a difference

Between communication and hand holding.

the way some people behave its like their life savings are tied up in the gun they just ordered.

Order it pay for it, wait for it.

I suspect one of the reasons A&A got out of the biz was due to the 200 e-mails and calls a day from people who ordered a gun and the next day started with the

"is it in yet? how bout now? what about now? .... ok I'll wait ... um what about now? hey why are you ignoring me? hey.. I paid you a tiny insignificant amount of money.. you should be treating me like I'm your only customer. Hey hey... oh... ok its not in yet.. ok... um what about now? .. is it in now? how bout now? hey you're ignoring me again... ok thats it.. now I'm pissed off.. you are a bad business man.. I will never deal with you again... oh... hey here is my gun...WOW i'm so happy... thats great.. can I buy another one?"

I know I would not have 5 minutes to waste on such idiots.
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