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Originally Posted by Rad View Post
hi. can you guys please tell me what to upgrade for my HK416?

no upgrades, used 3 times already. 435 fps out of the box. i wanting to get a new hopup and a tight barrel. and probably make it a bit quiet when firing. any tips please?

If you find your gun a little noisey you should have the gears reshimmed and possibily the motor height adjusted, also since your mechbox would be open I would suggest replacing the bushings in your mechbox with metal one if they are not there already. I would not recommend doing this unless you are confident around a mechbox.

A new hopup and barrel would be the simplest upgrades without having to open the mechbox. Although if you do switch to a 1 piece hopup modifacation too the reciever will be required. As for what brands I will leave the decision and the research up to you.

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