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I see this is addressed to the Google Generation. I remember when I was a kid, I ordered some stuff from a catalogue, it took 6-8 weeks, that wasn't even including the week or two it took for the order to get to the place by mail. I was happy when it arrived in 7 and a half.

Now people just expect everything handed to them immediately and expect instant results. I dunno, maybe some of us are more patient than others, or have had enough old school mail order experience to know that all things like this take a shit load of time.

I ordered my SR-25 and was told "a huge maybe" on getting it before Keystone (it was a month away when I ordered it). Well it came in three weeks after keystone and I only got it in my hands two more weeks after that. Two months and a week. That's 9 weeks.

And that was while stuff was still rather plentiful and easy to come by.
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