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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
And tons of profit.
Not what you think. I'd venture to say nowhere near what you think.

Profit in airsoft only comes from volume, directly from a manufacturer or distributor. Guys buying small numbers 1s and 2s, don't get volume discounts, especially if they have to buy from a retailer in the U.S. or HK.

Most of these guys likely don't have a license themselves, and would have to cover brokerage, shipping, duty and exchange, then slide a little cash to the license-holder to keep the wheels greased and turning.

Everyone seems to think that the retailer makes scads of cash. Try dealing with the government on multiple levels with these guns (at least 3 different agencies ready and waiting to take a big wet bite out of your wallet).

Like Brian said, they are sticking their neck out, more for the love of the sport than for it's profit, I promise you that.
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