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Gun Buyer Blues (retailer expectations )

So as to not Sully gun sales threads.

Posted by McGuyver Earlier

I think everyone reading this and especially those dealing with these individual sellers on ASC need to be understanding, infact, way beyond understanding.

Two years ago, you could pick and chose what retailer you wanted, there were lots. Retailers could specialize in 1 brand of AEG and be rather successful at it. There were thousands of guns for sale in Canada. Hell, I remember retailers bringing in 700 guns at a time (I saw the skids). Now, retailers have been getting progressively smaller and smaller, each cycle being weeded out by the CBSA and the dollar, until you have a "retailer" bringing in what 5-10 guns at a time?

But yet, things are still good, no problems with getting airsoft guns in Canada, right?

People who have not dealt with the CBSA need to understand that things are not just cut and dried. Promises on timelines are unrealistic at best, despite best efforts and intentions. "Retailers" need to realize that timelines for product arrival and shipping are a waste of time and will only cause you grief, as evidenced by this and pretty much every other "retailer" thread I've read.

Buyers - allow retailers reasonable time (a week is not reasonable at all, not even 2).

"Retailers" - stop making promises on timelines on product arrival and shipping.

These aren't the "old days" where you could order a dozen in-stock guns on Tuesday and have them to play with on Saturday. And it isn't Sear's Catalog Services either. The normal rules and expectations of internet/mail ordering don't apply here. Lower your expectations or be prepared for these kinds of threads.

Sorry for jacking a sales thread, but goddammit, someone had to say this.

All I can say is this proliferation of small sellers is good for us.. and all it would take to get them to quit is dealing with "instant gratification" demands of purchasers.

All of the little sellers are doing this way on the side. after hours , during time they certainly could be doing something else like trying to maintain positive relationships with people they care about.

Be thankfull you can buy a NIB GBB or AEG and get it in a reasonable time, Be thankful that these guys are sticking their necks out FOR YOUR HOBBY.

Cut these guys a mile of slack... they deserve it and if you want them to continue to supply your needs I think that we should lay off the belly aching that your gun arrived on friday when you expected it to arrive on tuesday.

Some guys have legitimate beefs... but keep it between the buyer and seller. where it should be.

Sellers, stop making promises that you can't keep.

Say things like "shipped as soon as practical after payment received" and "I will inform you when your item is shipped and provide a tracking number then".

and "if you have not heard from me its because your item is not shipped yet, I do this part time and my job and family come first"

Sellers.. you know the demand is huge.. that you can sell every thing you bring in.. do it on your terms. terms that you can manage.

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