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I actually only used a highcap in an indoor game, and thrown it away because it was jamming all the time.

I don't think you got my point.

Having a 1 hour respawn would be exactly like doing an all-day skirmish even.

As soon as 2-3 man fall from enemy fire, the whole squad is bound to die. We are talking about equally trained teams. At this point, numbers do a lot. If the whole team gets raped, it is a mather of 20 mins to cap all the objectives.

As for crawling, I managed to get under 10' from 5 guys, carring my L96 in the woods, without a guillie.

I am all about realism and all, but we don't have rifles capable of nailing a quarter at 100'. Most AEGs can't get past 150', and that while lobbing. Pushing the FPS limit higher helps a little with that, but still, we are using ''toys'' compared to the real firearms. We have to adapt the rules accordingly.

And Airstrikes are usually very baddly seen in a game. I remember at QP3, a lot of people quitted at the top of the hill because the whole green team got nuked.
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