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Originally Posted by Bontic View Post
Why does the federal government and all its organs like the CBSA hate Airsoft so much? I have two working theories so far.

1. They don't want a large population of young men with practice at woodland and CQ combat, with the ability to organize and use military style tactics... in case the economy turns sour once the oil sands are gone, and the revolution comes. Who knows, perhaps someone in the civil service really is that paranoid. There were heavy workers riots back in the 20s(?) that were crushed with some serious police muscle.

2. It is the enforcement agencies going after an easy target. It is far easier to go after Airsoft and make out to higher powers that you're doing a great job, and to ignore all those nasty drug smugglers who shoot back with real weapons.
actually, its because they have nothing better to do.
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