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I ordered a KJW m9 for $210. This gun though was already used and was posted on the promo thread. Anyhow, I receive the package, opened it up...oh no, they sent me the wrong gun it's a WE 1911!! I signed onto ASC right away, messaged Christian and told him about the incident. He said, no problem, apologized, and gave me the option of keeping a brand new 1911 valued at $310 including shipping or getting a $10 refund and get the m9. I choose to get the refund and get my m9. (If whoever out there thinks that I should've have kept the 1911, NO =D. Been dying to have the m9! =D). Sent the 1911 back the next day (Friday). The gun got back to them on Wednesday. And on Thursday, they shipped out my m9. And today she arrived at my doorstep =D.
On the promo post it said that it was in good condition, used once and it needed cleaning. I must say Christian is a man of his word; the gun needed CLEANING =P.
Cleaned her up, fired her and WOW WOW WEE WHAA!
Therefore, amazing customer service! Responds quickly with pms! Will definitely do business with them again!

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