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Hi lads,

I can see U got some troubles with the fellow canadian customs.. Well I have the same problem..

I'm from Slovakia and I sent a box with custom made wooden AK stocks and a steel outer barrel for TM AK47.. It's been 3 weeks and my Canadian friend hasn't received the box yet.. I used the tracking number and I found out later, it's been inspected by the customs and shipped back to the country of origin..
Very nice indeed.
Is it possible to send these parts legally in your country? Does it help if I write a letter and explain that those wooden stocks are only compatible with an airsoft gun? .... Or if I paint the end of the outer barrell with orange color, can that help?
Have U got some hints how to avoid customs? Maybe I'll add there a piece of French Camembert, to make the box smelling like hell
Thanks in advance for answers!!!


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