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Originally Posted by Kos-Mos View Post
The problem is that I would not go to an event, paying 30$ and spend most of my time waiting to respawn.

Plus, as soon as one side would get the advantage, the game would be set. No chance to turn around. Most people would see this and call out right away.
Then learn sneaking techniques, crawling/monkey crawl/ghost walk/etc, so you don’t die fast (plus choose your squad carefully). This will make the CO setup a strong defensive plan, productive communication between players, if not have a ‘troop reinforcement’ where all the dead players rush their base to take it back (if that doesn’t work then call in artillery to clear the base).

If you want to respawn, in short time, and shoot your high cap till your mag brakes then stick to video games (COD, DOD, BF) or ‘Run-N-Gun’ games. If you want as close to a real military game, as close as the average person can host/play, then attend a milsim game. *I’m not talking to any one person, I’m just trying to make a point*
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