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Well, I just got one today, and I must say, im pretty impressed, well built, pretty solid, good feel to it, and thats right out of the box. Speant a couple hours on the gearbox, redid everything, swapped piston for TM, tappet for Guarder, metal bushings, regreased everything.. I must say, the anti reversal is the most annoying one Ive ever experienced, it just hates the hole its in, never sits in it while trying to reasemble...

Got it back together, fires alot smoother and crisper now, battery is way to weak for the spirng they got in this, but good enought for now.. Pulled off the front end, tightened everything up cuz the RIS was a bit finicky, its solid now.

Overall, im pleased, for 350 bucks, cant go wrong at all..

BTW, any idea quality or what not of the motor thats in it? seems like a beast of a motor, but im going to try a spare EG 1000 in it.. any preference on it? I know u cant go wrong with an EG 1000 but if this JG motor is good enuf, might as well leave it.
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