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My family is planning to migrate in manitoba. i am playing airsoft since year 2000 here in the philippines. my specialty is jungle skirmish,cqb and my favorite abandoned train warehouse. airsoft is my life im playing 8 years of my life and still enjoying it. in 6 months time im gonna be there so i surf the net and im glad i found this website. i wonder if there's an airsofter who is a resident of can i contact u guys? i heard that the gears and parts are so expensive there,is it true? is there a filipino-canadian member here? help me,fellow airsofter...this is our life.thank you and mabuhay!(mabuhay means long live)
Just bring everything gears, scopes, etc. Except the receiver and the battery (i think airplane restricitons)! Then just ask around here if they have spare receivers lying around!
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