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You hit the nail on the head, realism=fear of getting hurt, testing skills at greater ranges and actually taking advantage of the camo you wear.

I am up for a game like this no problem at all, I never complain about someone with a hard hitting "hot" gun I could not care less. I play not to get hit regardless of shooting speed. Who will pay are the cheaters who think they are bullet proof and raise these "pain" concerns. Don't get hit, then it does not hurt, simple! If you are hit put your hands in the air, fast, and people will not continue to shoot at you. If you contemplate being hit, as I have seen many do, too bad for you.

Some have these skills, others do not. The ones that don't are the ones who will bitch and should not be attending a game like this anyways.

These type of games are not CQB.
I hear people talking about getting full auto at close range, when does this happen, its never happened to me and I play alot of outdoor games. One to 2 extra BB's maybe but I have never heard of someone just emptying a full mag into someone at close range. The lesson you should take away from that situation is that it hurts. Don't let anyone ever get that close again and learn from your mistake.


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