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PATCH DESIGN CONTEST. With a crappy prize too!

Hey. Who wants to win $15 worth of crap from my shop?

The Brampton team needs a logo for the patch. Something offensive and funny.

The team is T.W.A.T...tactical weapons and tactics.
YES, I realize this is redundant and silly.

Ideally the design would have some form of angry-looking gentalia holding a gun (preferably hk) and a joint or bong.
Feel free to show the genitalia swinging from ropes, jumping pits of crocodiles, peeing on a map of the u.s. , etc.
Anti-Social themes are good. Ridiculous is good

Not too much clutter, please. Bold lettering and colors are good.
Something that will make people laugh.

Contest will run until sunday, winner picked monday.
Winner gets $15 worth of crap from my merch stash and a free patch once they're done. If you're local, I'll give you a free game pass too.

Let the silliness begin!

Grand Poobah of T.W.A.T.

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