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Originally Posted by ~Bodkin~ View Post
Really? Those are awfully low. At the local field here, bolt/semi sniper rifles is 500 fps, and all other weapons have to be under around 480 fps. I remember taking a 12-round burst to the head from an M249 pushing 450 fps from 10ft away. That left me out for a couple of rounds
That is the reason why the MAA put restrictions on LMGs, they just became too powerful.

There is a strong airsoft community here in manitoba, the MAA is the acting body. There are lots of Filipino's airsofting here as well, it should be an easy adjustment once you get used to the prices, but you can take all your gear, accessories (scops, rds, flashlights, etc), as well as any mags (without fake bullts, no p90 g36 or sig552 mags).
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your right,when it rains the burger joint across the street does have cats for 4.99$ but that doesnt mean that i can just go get all the grape jelly i want
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