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Originally Posted by [blackwater_hollow] View Post
Does anybody know if the Well L96 sold from is the Version 1 or the Version 2?
Another question: Should I care if it is the Version 1 or Version 2?
They're product info is old and pretty sure is version 1 but, this is a new shipment for them cause i got a notice of they're arrival. Since this a new shipment it might be version 2 so, best thing to do is email them.

The only major difference while surfing for info between 1(around 450fps) and 2(closer to 500fps) is in fps but, hopefully with stronger internals for version 2 cause of increase in fps.

UPDATE: has changed the profile and price of Well L96; now it's $301 and comes with a scope + 2 mags but, NO BIPOD.

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