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Originally Posted by G.Sgt Marty View Post
Ok I myself being Ex-Military and using Real Steel Weapons as well as having Airsoft weapons and being a Airsoft Team Leader......I just wanted to say to Firewalker is, DUDE are u nuts?????!!!!!! Airsoft is number one safer then Real steel, plus u dont need pay $400 to get a PAL and take the coruse to own a airsoft weapon, and what fun is making a loud KA-CRACK as u put it while just shooting Paper.....while u can make a soft P-toof and be able to shoot real living people in Milsim's and not got to jail for killing someone? Dude if u like to have Real Steel over Airsoft then join the Military LOL!
Too me it sounds like you are full of shit.

No self respecting 33 year old, and a soldier to boot, would express themselves in such a way

I'm Ex Military and Love My Airsoft! Milsim's and Operations always need some fun filled chaos!
Interests? Well AIRSOFT is number one!, Next is Getting more Assault Weapons and spending lots of $
I'm Ex Military thats all ya need to know! lol

Oh, and on topic. That is the most retarded idea I've seen on these forums in years.
That kid practiced with air pistols only because he could not use pistols in his country.
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