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Originally Posted by G.Sgt Marty View Post
Ok I myself being Ex-Military and using Real Steel Weapons as well as having Airsoft weapons and being a Airsoft Team Leader......I just wanted to say to Firewalker is, DUDE are u nuts?????!!!!!! Airsoft is number one safer then Real steel, plus u dont need pay $400 to get a PAL and take the coruse to own a airsoft weapon, and what fun is making a loud KA-CRACK as u put it while just shooting Paper.....while u can make a soft P-toof and be able to shoot real living people in Milsim's and not got to jail for killing someone? Dude if u like to have Real Steel over Airsoft then join the Military LOL!
If you're going to address me, I'd prefer it be in English and not Swahili. Those clicks and pops are hard to understand.

And we're not talking about milsim, we're talking about shooting paper targets with airsoft guns. Shoot paper with fake guns or shoot paper with real guns. I know what I'd like... I just find it superfluous when it's essentially more accessible to get into the real IPSC than to track down airsoft guns. Like I said, I can go down to the range and fire off a handgun to my heart's content and be within every last one of my rights as a Canadian. On top of that, buying a firearm is much easier than buying an airsoft gun.

Also, if you paid 400 to get a PAL, it might explain why you have trouble typing, it looks like you got SURPRISE SEX IN THE BUMTUBE. It cost me 120 dollars for a full firearms safety course, both tests and ammo.

It's just my opinion that it's pointless.

It's like buying an airsoft gun for plinking... completely useless.
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