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Welcome to ASC.

I have never personally delt with airsocom. So I cannot offer any information on them. Some of those Canadian approved guns are decent for being clear. A few members of this forum have purchased the clear guns and have given them slight paintjobs for looks.They report good FPS and durability. Unfortunetly I cannot tell which ones exactly were good and which were bad.
When it comes to customs, even though the item maybe clear they may sieze it just becase they are dicks/ it resembles a firearm period regardless color or scale.

Please take the time to fill in your profile, Where your from, your birthday etc.
This forum holds a lot of information. Please keep in mind before starting a new thread, that there maybe an existing one already. Near the upper right hand corner next to the quick links and log out tab is the search tab. With that you can attempt to see if there is a thread on the topic, donít get discouraged if you donít find something right away, change up your search words as well, the search system doesnít just find tittles it looks for word matches in the content as well. If there is an existing thread on the topic and something wasnít clear, donít be afraid to necro post, despite what some douche bags say, its perfectly fine.

Iím sure you have a lot of questions, and in time you will find all the answers. Thereís a lot to learn and it cant be picked up in a week or two. But Iím time you will learn what you need.

Heres a little reading Id like you to have a look at.
It will shed a little light on airsoft in Canada in general.

Now as for airsoft in Canada, just as a general consensus this website and the majority of its members follow the 18 years of age rule. Meaning that it is recommended that a person be the age of 18 before they acquire their first gun. It is recommended because 18 is the recognized age where a person can be held legally responsible for their actions. Now it may not be illegal in all provinces to own airsoft, but I do believe there is a province out there where there is an actual law stating that one must be 18 to purchase. Which one that is, I cannot remember. Hopefully someone can perk up and jump in on that part. The majority of fields used for airsoft play usually require that a person be 18 years of age as well, although I have heard of fields where there have been players as young as 16, with parental consent.

This website has a process called age verification, where if you are 18 or older you can meet with a volunteer representative of this website who will meet with you in person, there is no way around this, no phone, no webcam, in person only, where they will require to see a legitimate piece of photo identification. After the process is completed, it can take sometime as this is all volunteer work, you will be granted access to this websites buy and sell section, where you can find both new and used guns, for fair and competitive prices. Although its not always the case, it is sort of an open market.

Things to keep in mind when initially getting into airsoft.

-Its usually best to start with an AEG.

-Remember to factor in the costs of gear for your kit, BDU's, footwear, vest or holsters, slings and most of all, eye protection. Money can fix teeth, but I donít think we can fix a shot out eye yet.

-You donít always have to have a side arm in the beginning, its something you can pick up along the way.

-In most cases its recommended to play with your gun stock for a while before considering upgrades. Upgrading can be costly and can cause complications in some cases.

-Donít forget to buy magazines for whatever gun you choose. High caps are ok, but well they rattle. Mid caps and low caps in my personal opinion are in most cases the vest bet

This link is a link to a page that has some information in regards to picking your first AEG. I suggest you take sometime and read it.

Finally this website also has a FAQ section that holds some useful info, it may not be entirely up to date, but I suggest you poke around in there as well. You may find something handy.


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