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hey guys i know iv been a loser lately, been pulling 2-3 day all nighters trying to get this film done. but i have a solution, April 18 to the 20th confederation college and the film production program i am a part of are having a film night which i will be attending all three days. it starts a 7pm but fills up quick so get there early if you want to stay and watch the films. don't worry if you cant make it as this is why i have not been reachable for a long time, so after this ill have a a bit more spare time. if you do come and intend to stay for the show, bring your friends it should be a blast. on April 18 and 19th it will be held at confederation college and you can find me outside the lecture theater at around 6:15 to 6:30/6:45 where the screenings are taking place, if you cant get me then there is intermission or you can find me at the end of the night. both of these nights have free food at intermission. or you can come to the big screening at the thunder bay community auditorium on April 20th, again it starts at 7pm and at that venue we hope to receive 1500 people, again 6 - 6:30/6:45 i will be at the front doors or find me at intermission or at the end. my name is Andrew and ill probably be wearing a black button shirt with my sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans. the whole even if entirely free so come out, get verified and have a good time.
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