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Originally Posted by G.Sgt Marty View Post
Ok I myself being Ex-Military and using Real Steel Weapons as well as having Airsoft weapons and being a Airsoft Team Leader......I just wanted to say to Firewalker is, DUDE are u nuts?????!!!!!! Airsoft is number one safer then Real steel, plus u dont need pay $400 to get a PAL and take the coruse to own a airsoft weapon, and what fun is making a loud KA-CRACK as u put it while just shooting Paper.....while u can make a soft P-toof and be able to shoot real living people in Milsim's and not got to jail for killing someone? Dude if u like to have Real Steel over Airsoft then join the Military LOL!
$400 for a PAL?

What in the hell?

$30 to the trainer, $60 to the govn't. I know I did bad at math, but I honestly thought that $30 plus $60 equaled $90. Boy am --I-- dumb.
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