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there are lots of guy old and new going to games and not calling there hits. it does not only discourage me from going out to games now but discourages me from taking part in this sport.
i'am all for 490 fps or higher. my thought is if it hurts more people call there hits so it is not followed up with another 10 rds ect.

for the people that have a hard time calling out they they are hit. i have no problem unloading on you until you do so. it might hurt but in the end its your reputation at stake, and people talk and you make a name for your self.
if people want to play like they are unstoppable they should stick to computer games with cheats.

this is sport for all not just one person. thinking so will only ruin it for every one and you may find this sport with out the older generation playing if it keeps on happening. sorry for my rant. if this is going to happen it should be equal for every one of course.

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