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Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
It all comes down to trust. Trusting the other guys not to blind fire or hose. If this type of game were to happen, I'd like to see semi only at least for the first part of the day and evaluate from there. Obviously if you're using LMG's then there would be an exception. Full face protection or at least a mouthguard should be required as well. Anyone else agree?
I agree with the semi only for the first bit.

If the point of the hot guns was to make people act more realistically, maybe there should be a real cap limit as well?

If the game was with people I trust, I feel that face protection should be optional, but strongly recommended.

If there was such a game in my area, I'd be up for it.

EDIT: A softer shooting secondary should also be required, for use in close quarters (moving from the outside in to sweep a building).
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