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Question regarding verification/classified section

hi there - I'm new to as (so new in fact that I don't actually have anything yet) and I've been reading around the site a bit.

Basically - I'm looking to buy a JG Aug (it can only be an Aug >.<). I've read a lot of the discussions between clones vs TM, and at this point I don't really want to drop 600+ on an Aug from 007 just yet.

Anyway, after I get age verified (I'm 25 :S) I was just looking for some clarification about what is available in the classified section - I thought I remembered reading somewhere that there was an ASC member that would import new JGs/Echo1's (as they don't seem to be available through the two online retailers I could find).

From what I've read, the JG/Echo1 are pretty much the only course I want to take. I don't want to deal with upgrading a Kracken to get it to a decently playable level (not to mention Aug or bust!), and the review of the JG G36c inspired quite a bit of confidence in me.

Also - does JG still make the Military version of the aug, or just the civilian? It seems on 007 that TM discontinued it :<.

Thanks for any help!
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