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Camo, one thing to keep in mind as well. For the local Saskatchewan teams and fields, we have the rule that new players must run stock FPS for 1 year until they have proven they know gun control and earned the trust of the established players to upgrade to higher FPS. This is mainly to keep everyone from running out and upgrading to 350+ FPS to be at the same levels as some of the "senior" players, and over time many of them find that they do not need to upgrade their guns.

Personally, I've played in just about every province in the country. CQB and Outdoors. I've played with the Calgary guys a few years back at the Laser Tag place they have off McLeod Trail, and there was some rather hot shots that I would have sworn were over 350 on full auto from about 10'. Yes I took the hits and continued to play, but I'm fat and have some extra layers of protection. Honestly, I'd set the limit around 320 to 330 allowing a max of +5 variance above on the chrony tests. This will allow for the odd hot shots on full auto bursts where it might jump by +10. It will also, allow for any newer players that might be coming out who are still prone to blind firing (albeit unconsiously, as I've seen senior players do it now and then), and the last thing someone wants is to be walking up a stairwell turning a corner to have a barrel shoved against their goggles (which could shift them) and said barrel's owner panicing and holding down for a full auto spray before recovering. Yea theres the option to a full face mask, they have holes in them, which last time I check (5 mins ago on 3 different brands/designs) 6mm fit through quite nicely. In CQB I usually wear goggles and a shemag.

This is mainly the reason, I have a couple stock guns now which I'll be keeping stock for CQB, and my upgraded guns will see the day light outdoors.
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