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Personally IPSC is very interesting, however the restricted firearm license governmental loophole that allows the police to enter your house without a warrant just to see if your guns are locked safely at any time, doesn't interest me, not that I have anything to hide (just the fact that if they come in and see series of replica assault rifles in the rifle chest next to the IPSC handguns sort of wants me not to get a license)

Plus, properly tuned IPSC handguns are ungodly expensive. Upwards of 1000-2000 dollars, whereas, a decent IPSC Airsoft handgun can be built for less than 500 (Ie. TM Hi-Capa, WA SVI's), and bought stock (Ie. WA Beretta Competition etc.). I mean, I'm pretty much making a racing pistol myself, so it's not very hard.

Certainly, you could do IPSC with less tuned guns, but of course, everyone wants an aimpoint on their gun.

Personally, i'd be up for it, if only the Madbull poppers were cheaper, and if there was a place in Canada to get that beeper
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