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Originally Posted by Cushak View Post
I meant more as people's personal guns. What the PDW guys do (they host most of the games here) is 425 full auto, 450 semi (auto disabled), and 475 bolt action.
From what I've seen, it runs everywhere from 330-440 for outdoor guns (as per amos' post). A lot of folks, like myself, only have outdoor guns, so ours are generally higher up on the fps scale.

I'd say for the full auto outdoor guns, they range anywhere from 340-385, some are upgraded internally, others are just fitted with minor things (hopups, barrels), others yet are bone stock. We run the gamut, but most are upper range fps.

Most, however, hare the mid-range and top-end guns. Our snipers are usually running 410-430. My rifle, after upgrades, will be running around 415-420 tops.


Now, bare in mind, I'm not against lower fps. I had a stock TM at 310 that I cherished and loved playing with against those with more powerful pieces (until the body went tits up). I'm just about the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" concept. Especially since many of us cannot do our own repairs or simply lack the facilities to do so.

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