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Can you give me more detail about your laws in Canada regarding Airsoft ?

Why can't you import weapons yourself ?

We use to have a total ban on AEG's a while ago. Couldn't even import them when they had been Semi-ed.

The only AEG's we were allowed were pre ban AEG's but they all had to be Semi-ed.

Things were looking bad for our sport.........possibly the end of it.

No new AEG's could be imported or even parts for AEG's. Everything was stopped and seized by Customs, even batteries, motors at one stage.

We were all underground players using full auto at that time.
We had to make a change and become legal for our sport to survive.

We set up a Airsoft NZ Society which joined all clubs in NZ under one umbrella.
The Airsoft NZ Society then went to the head of NZ Police, NZ Customs Firearms Sections and talked to him about our sport and the various clubs around NZ.
They talked about how we could work together and import weapons into NZ legally.
After a lot of hard work done by key leaders of the ASNZS they managed to work out an agreement to allow only Factory Semi-ed AEG's into the country.

But they won't let us import things like hand grenades or claymores or any such items.

The NZ Customs watch and check every weapon that is imported.
We have had some people try and beet the system but the guys at Customs have a good knowledge of what AEG's look like on X Ray. If in doubt they open and inspect suspect looking weapons.

The Police and Customs have warned the ASNZS they will prosecute anyone who brakes the law in regard to importing AEG's -Restricted Weapons.

We decided to set up a Club Armourer position in each club.
The members of that club would go to their club armourer and place an order for a Semi-ed AEG.
Hopefully everyone user's the Club Armourer and that way we won't have problems with people importing illegal weapons.
We have put some serious rules in place to deal with people who break the laws. Warnings, then a Total Ban from all Airsoft Clubs in NZ.

So things are looking good for us.........fingers crossed

Maybe you guys could get all your clubs in Canada together and form something like The Canadian Airsoft Society ?

And then try and work something out with the Police.
You can prove you are a responsible organization and have National Rules regarding your sport etc.

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