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Wow, so one retard in alberta and the rest of the god damned country suffers. Congrats on the kindergarten punishment mentality. Still have not seen any evidence to prove that 350 is more dangerous than 300 when the proper precautions are made.
That was just one example.

But you are right, I shouldn't assume that people can do gearbox work. Also, I shouldn't assume that what appears to be a purchasing fad on ASC (JG's, Krakens etc) applies to everyone.

You're crying about FPS limits being too high
I wasn't, I was trying to be accommodating to as much people as possible, but you've brought up some good points (in saying some things aren't good to assume) as to why it can, in the end, be accommodating to less people.

Makes me wonder what the average fps of peoples gun is anyways.
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