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So, a person should have to reduce the life expectancy of a perfectly working stock gun by half just to appease a clear minority (based on this poll) of people who are afraid bb's going barely fast enough to break bare skin?
Most guns these days newer people are buying have a short life expectancy as it is, and many need to be opened to give them good performance.

The only way ~350 FPS is going to hurt someone is if they have a T-Shirt and Bermuda Shorts on and aren't wearing safety equipment (eye/face protection). If you show up in that, you're begging to be hurt.
I've witnessed a lot of dumb, stupid things at games. Last year a group of us went to alberta for a big game, while there, somebody held a pistol against one of our our guys' skulls and pulled the trigger.

So if the situation allows for a lower fps (no need to worry about range etc), why not?

The honus is on the player, not the location, to protect themselves adequately from any threat, real or percieved, to their safety and comfort.
The honus is also on the shooter, and gun owner to use it in a reasonable, responsible manner. In CQB, having a hot gun does not affect skill. So, why? Because some people out there won't spend $10 on a spring, and a few hours learning how to take apart a mechbox. (once you do it the first time, it takes about 20-30 minutes to clean, re-grease, and swap a spring.)

Literally, it's 70 dollars...
$70? fps issue aside, who charges $70 for a spring swap? Who pays for that either?

half the life expectancy
If it's a TM, it's 280 stock anyways. If it's a clone, you could even accidentally increase the life span.

My point isn't about "not having testicles", it's about what's the point? If it was about "having the balls", why doesn't someone just enlist and go over to the sandbox to get shot at with real bullets?

I'm not arguing against people who's opinion is that 350 is a good limit for this CQB building (Ultra tight engagements). I'm only asking for a reason other than a) "Grow some balls" or b) "I'm too lazy to change my springs". Other than those two, why would you say is a good reason. (I don't consider "life expectancy" a good reason. The only two mech boxes I can see this affecting are TM's (280 anyways) and PTWs)
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