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I think Firewalker's suggestion of alternation blocks of semi/auto is a valid one. Personally, I wouldn't play a no-auto game unless it's a pistol/shotgun-only game. I played CQB this winter almost entirely with just a pistol on semi against people with AEGs on full auto and had a lot of fun. IMO, having people running around with replicas of automatic weapons but limiting them to semi is something of a mood killer, even if one is on the receiving end.
this is exactly what i was thinking. isn't the advantage of a long arm the ability to place two or three shots in a target to make sure they go down? besides from my limited experience its harder to corner quickly with an mp5 compared to a pistol so people who buy an AEG should not be put at a disadvantage. there should simply be an cap on the amount of ammunition so people don't go overboard. though i guess some people will abuse auto and start using their guns like paint ball markers. *sits in corner and hoses* :P

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