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Originally Posted by Arnisador View Post
You'd best be making this quite clear then, my friend. It has the potential of becoming a bone of contention otherwise.

Here's the real deal though. You are hitting on one of the things that makes event planning a big pain in the ass.


Make the rules for your event, and stick by them. By the time you finish compromising, you'll be three months past the event date, and everyone will have found something else.

Those who want to participate under your ruleset will. Those who don't want to, won't.

But you aren't going to come up with a rule-set that everyone can happily agree to. You will get criticized. You may lose potential customers. And its all out of your control, once you set the rules for the event.

The flipside is, if you don't set the rules of the event, you won't get the event anyways.

For the record, I put this poll up with semi-auto in mind. I apologize for not stating that in the beginning, but at this point I don't think it matters.

Now, I know I will not please everyone, and if I had been involved with Airsoft for years I would not even have asked this question because I would have already known the answer through experience. However, I am brand new (started this in January) so it is in my best interest as a business owner to ask and go the way I see fit after I have the info I need.
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