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Cushak... you say that one point to airsoft is mill sim... but then say that we should wear gear that lets us feel the hits... WTF.... when in CQC, the millitary dosnt wear t-shirts. with alot of full length camo it is hard to tell what is a hit. if you are aiming for mill sim you cant wear gear that alows you to feel it!
and as for the FPS, do you guys really need to complain over 50-30 fps like really grow up... i realize that you might not want to go with full face mask, so just get something to cover your teeth.
just cuz the max is 350 dosnt mean that you will be at any less of a disadvantage if your gun is at 320 or even 300... with short distences like this, if you think that you will be at a disadvantage for range, thats what they invented the hop up for!!!!
with an FPS limit of under 350, you eliminate any new airsofters as most of them can not mod a stock gun to play on the feild. and if you say that you do not want to play with new airsofters, then you are wishing for the end of our sport (please please please do not expand on this idea... there are enough sky is falling threads here) to ensure the development of our beautiful sport we must grow!
i know for sure that i am NOT modding my guns that are well tuned for all events in my province to play in a field with lower FPS limmit that is not necessary!

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