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Hey! (Again)

I guess I got an infraction for one of the last posts I put up (I advertised some airsoft guns coming into the store as well as some other deals on clothing, accessories, tactical gear, etc.) It was a pretty lengthy post and I just don't wanna write it over again haha! But I guess if I have to I have to!
Did anyone here see it? And where can I find the post now? I'm waiting for the administrator to send me the link...
Also, is there a "rules" section around here I can quickly go over? Nobody has informed me of where I can/can't post

Also, check us out on Facebook! Search for "Go Rilla" and we should show up! I'm just in the process of putting a whole lot of info onto it so keep checking it for updates! We'll have events, deals, store info, etc. posted as soon as we get it!

Either way,
Gorilla Surplus
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