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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
No one that's going to making the trip to Camogames is going to be so green that they'll be blindfiring around corner and over shooting people. I'm fairly certain that the people there will be able to play a game of airsoft without being a douchebag.
At the last game we were I noticed blind firing going on. Not a lot but it happens. Later in the game, somebody turned the corner, held a pistol to my chest and shot pointblank. I wasn't even aiming my rifle at the time, I was trying to fix the light. Did it hurt too bad to handle? I don't think so, but it shows a lack of control on the shooters part, and who knows, maybe it'd be somebody's teeth next time.

For the gear thing, the way I see it, is whatever the rules are, and whatever the situation is, you should wear gear accordingly so you can tell if you're hit. Also the shooters would have enough control to aim at soft spots, like arm, leg, butt, whatever.

Al, whatever you set the fps at I'll be coming, it's too fun.
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