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Originally Posted by Cushak View Post
No, that's not it at all. What I'm saying is: What is the point of airsoft? To mimic realistic military combat. Pain isn't necessary. I may be fine with having painful shots, but it's not a necessary part of the game, so to accommodate others who prefere not to have it, why do we need high FPS ratings in close quarters?

Am I ok with high fps? Yeah. Is it necessary when you don't have to worry about range or punching through bushes? No.

Your first post, which I replied to, seemed to imply that airsoft has to be a sport where shots hurt. I was merely saying there are a lot of other reasons to play it, and still have fun.

It's not just about not wanting to get hit, it's that some people don't want to have BB's in bedded in there neck because someone was blind firing, or just couldn't control where they shot.
Y'know what'll cause more problems than people getting shot with 350 FPS guns?

People getting shot with 300 FPS guns and not feeling the hits through gear.

Sometimes It's hard enough to feel 'em at 350...

The point is there's a whole community that wishes to participate that would have to re-modify their guns. 350 seems to be an almost standard across Canada, (Manitoba {XT}, Ontario {TTAC}, Quebec {??}) and it seems to work just fine.

If Manitoba's local CQB Club (They allows walk ins off the street, and you only have to be 16+ to play) can run for 5+ years without any injuries other than sprained ankles... I think seasoned airsoft players will be able to play at 350 without any problems.

No one that's going to making the trip to Camogames is going to be so green that they'll be blindfiring around corner and over shooting people. I'm fairly certain that the people there will be able to play a game of airsoft without being a douchebag.
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