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Here is the rules I use at TTAC3

In operation over 2.5 years..

no issues

FPS = max 350 with .2
no automatic fire
no minimum engagement distance, it is impossible to do CQB with Mercy (ok its possible, just stupid )

Full face protection is not required ... but most people see the merit of it after their first 2 or 3 facial bleeders.

Going with lower FPS will in fact make many pistols running propane over limit.

Going Higher.. there is no reason to. guys wearing a lot of gear on the torso just end up shot in the legs.. once you figure out where the "armour" is you can deal with it.

We follow a fire for effect rule.. you continue to shoot until the target indicates hit. no one is allowed or tolerated in calling another player out other than game control staff.
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