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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Im not sure how to really word it, so I will take my best shot at it and hopefully this makes sense to everyone.

When we played at Melville I noticed that there was an insane amount of ricocheting from bursts fired. Im sure a lower FPS would reduce the amount of ricocheting, but well how low? Probly so low that most people wouldnt feel the hit. I just wanted to make a point that when 4 or 5 people fire a burst down a hall way and the bbs are ricocheting everywhere and sometimes I found it very confusing as if what I felt was a hit or a ricochet.

I'll stick to my original comments, under 350, manditory goggles, no glasses, and very very recommended that face mask is used.
laff, ricocheting is a very effective strategy to use when assaulting

350 limit, facemasks, full auto. Btw my gun shoots at 300 and I tell ppl not to mercy me at 350 or 400 Fps games. I tell them to shoots because its the game cAlled airsoft that I play
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