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Originally Posted by AXe Hound View Post
Hi guys.

I have been wanting to learn how to rebuild Mech-boxes but
only shows so much.doesn't really show the little things like trigger spring,
gear timeing,tappet plate,shimming,electronics,anti reversal latch and other thing of that nature.and i have used google and it did not get me to far

So witch brings me to my question is there a step by step guide in doing so
that will show all the little things that i have stated.

look closer at the mechbox vids,they cover the trigger spring,gear timing,anti reversal latch and so on. its not an exact step by step because there are way to many variables to consider. as far as shimming goes just remember how it is when it comes apart so reassembly is easier and rememebr to test how the gears turn with only the two mechbox halves together and not fully rebuilt. to much shims will cause your gears not to turn upon reassembly and you also may not be able to close the two loose of a shim job can relate to broken ,worn teeth. for the most its trial and error,,,welcome to gun teching,,,lol.
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