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Well at least you don't have douchebags who just hold down the trigger and blind shoot with a super hicap mag or something.

I'm not sure if you're wife really wants to nurse in Canada, sure it's good and all but from what I hear from people who are RN's (Registered Nurses, a professional society to be able to practice nursing) that the doctors treat them like crap and like they don't know anything even though they've gone to school to become a nurse.

If you come to Vancouver we have lots of rain (due to orographic lift from the coastal mountain range and the winds blowing moist ocean air masses over the city) so be prepared and get some rain clothes. If you go to the prairies expect it to be really hot in the summer (sometimes 30+ Celsius and really cold in the winter (i've heard sometimes up to -50 Celsius). In Toronto it's really hot and really cold too. Also to fit in you should orient yourself with some hockey knowledge and know the game.
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