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Please keep in mind, that just because our FPS limit for CQB in Manitoba is 350, that doesn't mean all our guns fire at exactly 349 fps. Just like our 400fps limit for the fields, its a limit, not a goal. My own UMP only shoots like 310
Anyway I'd like to make a big point here as a gunsmith; 330fps is your best option, as all alberta and sask players are under 330, as well as most Mb players, and most importantly it's the stock fps of a CA gun.
Sure changing a spring isn't so hard, but once you open up that gearbox there's any number of unseen things that can go wrong. Not to mention it's 25$ for labor assuming nothing goes wrong and 15$ for a weaker spring that we're never going to use again. It's unfair to have to spend 40$ on a brand new CA gun just to downgrade it for one game.
So it's not 350, and I'm sure the Sask guys don't mind having Alberta guys with a 320fps limit, so what's an extra 10fps matter to save 40$ on an already expensive trip?

Now if you can't decide on an fps limit based on our discussion, why not leave it up to vote having 300, 320, 330 and 350 as the choices?
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