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Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
Agreed, airsoft is for fun and safety shouldn't be determined by pain tolerance, as that varies from person to person. However, we have many people from multiple provinces speaking from experience saying that 350 is safe. Can you give us the 30 fps leeway so that many people won't need to tune down their guns? 30 fps shouldn't be noticeable, unless you're a chrony

The goal here should be to reach a common ground so as to all play together
Alberta - 320 or lower everywhere (that I know of)
Sask - 300 I think I heard (someone correct me?)

If it were up to me, I'd say buy a spring and I'll tune your guns down for you otherwise go to hell

In the end the decision is up to Al and we have to respect his decision. I know I'll be there playing at his hospital in July reguardless if it's 350 (I just might have to figure out working face protection!)

EDIT: I agree, I can't wait to play with the sask and MB players this summer. I'm hoping to make it back home to Regina more this summer to visit family and check out the AS scene there while I'm at it. Hopefully then I don't go ape shit when you guys light me up at the hospital at 350 :P
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