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Amos, Zekk: Notice I did not state what I thought the limits should be. I was mearly stating that (IMO) a better approach to deciding a FPS is on what is required, then possibly take into account things such as what stock guns are shooting at. Now notice a lot of the new players are getting JG and guns shooting 360-420 right out of the box - most will agree that this is too hot for CQB and will need to be downgraded.

Most of the bitching and complaining I've seen at games comes from either cheating or guys getting shot up bad at close range. I don't know about you guys but I play this game for fun. I'm not saying I'm a pussy but when other guys start complaining it usually ruins the game for EVERYONE!

Now my personal opinion on CQB FPS -> 320 max with no min. engagement distances.

EDIT: Games are more fun when you're playing with people you do all the time and get a long great with. It's a lot tougher to laugh off getting lit up by someone you don't know at all. It's easy to forgive a good buddy as you know it was clearly an accident.
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