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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
Having guns shooting hotter than they need to be is pointless besides causing more pain and potential for hard feelings, IMO. I would also feel a lot better playing at a facility where I know the FPS limit is based off what the average player NEEDS rather than getting lit up by some body who doesn't care how much pain they inflict on someone else and push their guns to the limit simply because they can.
This has nothing to do with inflicting more pain on people. It has to do with the costs involved in toning down a gun to fire at these lowwer rates, in comparison to the costs of mask. 90% of the Manitoba players have guns tuned to the 330-350fps range because thats what our indoor arena has been using for the past 3 years (injury-free as previously stated). To get our guns down to 320fps, we would need to
- buy a new spring (20$)
- have our techs install it (25$ labour)
- have our techs reinstall the old spring upon returning (another 25$)
- buy a 15$ facemask (which should be mandatory for a business owned field IMO)

So for a player who doesnt know how to swap springs themselves, thats 70$ above and beyond the other costs for attending the game.

On one side, players dont want to spend up to 70$ just to be able to play in one game to play at the lowwer FPS restrictions.
On the other side, players dont want to have to wear a facemask for whatever reasons. A cheap low profile face masl (such as the Sensei) is only 15$!!

70$ vs 15$...

Now if the complaint is that the BBs will hurt too much, well, youre playing a sport that involves shooting at each other. If youre afraid of getting a bit hurt, then find a new sport! Like its been said before.. 16 year old girls play in a much tighter arena than the Melville School even @ 350fps.
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