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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
Here's an idea...why not set the upper limit based on how much FPS you actually NEED rather than based on the 'average pain tolerance' of those posting? Why cause more pain if it's unnessary?

Pain tolerance should not be the limiter. Actual need should be.

Shoot from one engagement point to the next. Is it workable at 280fps? Then that's the limit? 300? Whatever. 400fps is just ridiculous.

We can also discuss trigger control until we're blue in the face but the fact of the matter is that unless you are going to completely hand pick who gets to play in your facility, you have to bank on the lowest common denominator.....the people who probably don't have trigger control and who WILL hose you down with full auto to the face at 5 feet.

Should be no need to upgrade a gun for CQB.
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