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Grand Forks blows - Fargo is worth the trip

Last time I was in GF (November) there was a hobby/model shop on the NE corner of South Columbia and 32nd Street South called Hobbytown USA, across from Columbia Mall. I stopped in to check out if he carried LiPo batteries. The place was basically empty and had no stock except R/C cars but in walked 2 guys that came in to buy BB's from this place. I asked the owner if they carried guns and supplies and he said they had a lot of stuff coming in; he was a young guy and I was there on they day that he bought the shop. Got no idea what brands they were gonna carry other than the fact he mentioned Palco, but it would be worth checking out.

The address is: Hobbytown USA, 2650 32nd Ave. South, in Southtowne Square.

The Cabela's In East Grand Forks is good, although a little hard to find. They had awesome deals on fishing stuff when I was there last.

Now, the Scheels in GF sucks. The one in Fargo is about 8 times the size and has a Ferris Wheel inside. They also have a rather nice assault rifle section, and about 25 manniquins of past and present Presidents that are kind neat to take pictures with (I have one of me and Teddy Roosevelt). I was checking out the new line of SIG rifles the last time I was in there, but they have tons of real steel parts and accessories. Well worth the extra 45 minute drive from Grand Forks, plus for shopping West Acres Mall kicks Columbia Mall's ass.

4550 15th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 298-2918

And if you're at Scheel's that means you're about a 5 minute drive from the best damn BBQ in the upper midwest. I must demand that you eat at Famous Dave's:
2581 45th St SW, Fargo, ND
(701) 282-8900

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