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Originally Posted by CamoGames View Post
I'm not sure what to think. Over 85 people have viewed this topic and 4 have replied. It's a subject that everyone that plays CQB has to deal with.

Either most feel this is a stupid question, or I've asked it wrong. Can someone tell me what I did wrong here?
You have neither asked a stupid question, nor have you asked it wrong....Your third option is that the answer has been given and each of the 85 plus people all agree on the 350 fps with 0.20 weight BBs and see it as redundant to keep posting on the subject.

Originally Posted by Nihil View Post
Full face mask.
320 fps tops.
some even use semi only.

I'v really damaged peoples faces with 350 from 3 meters away...
350 is our accepted CQB limit, but 320 fps and full face mask would be very acceptable restrictions for people who are completely new to the sport (just introduced to airsoft, lacking trigger control, or being just a little to gungho).

Better to be safe and fun, than sorry and face any type of bad blood issues.

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