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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
On the topic of faces mask, as long as the person who is not using one understands what circumstances may arise from not wearing one, then its fine. Kinda like not wearing your seat belt. A person should wear one when driving, but if they dont and they get in an accident its their own damn fault.
Id still stress wearing one though.

For me I feel under 350 is fine, a limit is what it is, a limit. Its not a number that people have to have their guns at. Ive been short close and far with 350 during CQB and its not terrible. But my opinion on FPS is relative to whomever is firing. A person with good trigger control, I dont mind a little more higher FPS, a person with bad trigger control lower fps and hope to god they only use low caps. A person who BB hoses, well it would be prefered they throw their bbs by hand only.

Its your call Camo, opinions will vary from side to side. Some believe high is fine some will opt for low.
Well said, T7. I think the point many people are missing is that if it were decided that 350 is the maximum limit, it's just that, the max, not a guideline or an average. I've taken a 3 second burst to bare hands from 10 ft. away one of my first games... cqb limit here is 350 and the rentals are stock CA's, so fps on that shot was most likely around 330. All that did was make me laugh at how much I made that person jump when I came around the corner... and taught me I need gloves

Also, i'm sure some leeway could be given depending on player experience and demeanor.
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