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Not sure which city we will be living in yet.

My wife is a nurse and she wants to experience different types of nursing in different countries. So each year we are planing to visit different countries.
I don't want to give up my job. So we will come along while on my off season sometime between April to the end June. Maybe 2009 or 2010.

As for bringing my Airsoft Weapons chance.

I will probably buy something in Canada. But when we return home I will have to Semi it or buy a sniper rifle as AEG's are banned and are illegal in NZ.

Do Customs allow people to leave Canada with Airsoft Weapons ?

Is Cadpat hard to get over their ?

I currently use the real deal Marpat BDU's. But will probably buy BDU's in Canada as well and take them home with me.

SEG's: TM-CAR15, TM-G&P M4/SR16 Custom, TM-M4A1 Custom, TM-G&P MI6 VN Custom, TM-SR16, TM-M4S System, G&G G4-CQB-R.

Sniper Rifles: 2x TM-VSR G Spec's

Shotgun: Marushin Mossberg M500SSB 8mm.

Gas Pistols: TM-Sig 226, TM-Socom Mk23, TM-Tactical Master. TM Glock 17 3rd Gen.

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