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I feel for you Crunch. On another "I hate CBSA" rant, my friends went down to Seattle to visit a family member for the weekend. The US border guards said no problem let them go without so much as a second glance.The Canadian guards had an issue though. There was 4 guys in a car, Honda Accord I believe. Granted it had some work down to it, but they pulled them over, searched the car. Finished the initial search, then proceeded to strip the interior of the car, seats, center console, rear carpet, removed the speaker box. The speaker box instead of removing the speakers to get inside they pry'd off the side with a crowbar destroying the box.
When they completed the search they turned to my friends and handed them a ratchet and said here you go have a good day.
I got called to come down with a couple other guys to help them put it back together, took us about 2 hours to get it drivable again. sucked
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